Picture of  Mustaq Ahmad

Mustaq Ahmad Graduate Student, Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences


  • MSc Candidate
  • Supervisor: Dr. Diego Moya, Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences
  • Home Community: Bangladesh

Academic Credentials

  • DVM, Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh, 2017

Bio Summary

Dr. Ahmad completed his DVM degree from Sylhet Agricultural University in 2017. After finishing his degree, he worked as a private veterinary practitioner in Bangladesh. During this time, he wished to increase his knowledge of the ideal rearing system for cattle. He visited several commercial and family farms and recorded some criteria that would be helpful to farmers. 

Dr. Ahmad has a strong passion for animal welfare and worked for Bangladesh's only welfare organization that works with animals. Dr. Ahmad began his MSc degree program at the WCVM, University of Saskatchewan, in 2019. 

Research Area(s)

Dr. Ahmad's research project focuses on newly-received feedlot cattle, between the ages of three and six months, at the University of Saskatchewan's Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence (LFCE).

Dr. Ahmad is applying some sensory additives to show the growth and immune performance of these animals. The research team's target is to decrease the morbidity in such a sensitive period as well as to reduce the cost of drugs. Dr. Ahmand will also study the animals' feeding behaviour, gut health and chronic stress at the same time.