Picture of  Mohanathas Gobikrushanth

Mohanathas Gobikrushanth Resident, Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences

Research Area(s)

  • Bovine theriogenology


  • MSc candidate
  • Supervisor: Dr. Dinesh Dadarwal, Large Animal Clinical Sciences
  • Home community: Sri Lanka

Dr. Gobikrushanth graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka in 2010. Following graduation, he worked as a companion animal clinician in the university's Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences for a year.

In 2012, Dr. Gobikrushanth moved to Gainesville, Florida, to pursue a veterinary externship program in farm animal reproduction and medicine services at the University of Florida.

Dr. Gobikrushanth recently completed his PhD degree in animal science and then undertook a one-year postdoctoral appointment with a focus on dairy reproduction at the University of Alberta. Dr. Gobikrushanth works as a clinical resident in bovine theriogenology at the WCVM, University of Saskatchewan.

Academic Credentials

  • BVSc, University of Peradeniya, 2010
  • Veterinary Externship, University of Florida, 2013
  • PhD, University of Alberta, 2018

Research Interests

Dr. Gobikrushanth's research focus is on the uterine microbiome of postpartum dairy cows.


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