Picture of  Nicole van der Vossen

Nicole van der Vossen Resident (Medicine), Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences


  • MSc Candidate
  • Supervisor: Dr. Julia Montgomery, Large Animal Clinical Sciences
  • Home Community: Switzerland

Academic Credentials

  • DVM, University of Ghent, 2017

Bio Summary

Nicole van der Vossen grew up in France at the border with Switzerland and Geneva. After graduating High-School in France, she attended the University of Ghent in Belgium from which she graduated in 2017 with a Master in Veterinary Medicine. Nicole then completed two equine internships: the first one in Belgium at Equitom Equine Clinic before she travelled to Qatar where she completed another internship at the Equine Veterinary Medical Center.

She joined the University of Saskatchewan in September 2020 where she is completing a MSc of Large Animal Internal Medicine and working towards a diplomate degree with the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

Research Area(s)

Ase of Ramipril as an effective ACE-inhibitor in horses and effect of the administration of ACE-inhibitors on urinary aldosterone secretion in horses.

Milk regurgitation and guttural pouch empyema in Arabian Show-type foals: a suspected anatomical variation in the functioning of the Plica Salpingata in Arabian show-type foals leads us to suspect aspiration of milk during nursing which could be the cause of the development of guttural pouch empyema with 2ary superinfection of Staphylococcus Equi subspecies zooepidemicus in Arabian show-type foals.

Reduction of Aldosterone secretion on urine of healthy equines after the administration of ACE-inhibitors: ACE-Inhibitors are widely used for the treatment of congestive heart failure in horses without adequate proof of the efficacy. This study will evaluate the effectiveness of Ramipril as an ACE-inhibitor in horses, but also investigate the use of urine-aldosterone measurements as a reliable and cost-effective way to monitor efficacy of treatment.