Picture of  Masako Fujiyama

Masako Fujiyama Clinical Associate, Anesthesia, Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences


Dr. Masako Fujiyama completed her MSc (veterinary anesthesiolgy) at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) in 2020. Dr. Fujiyama obtained her veterinary degree at Nippon Veterinary and Life Science in Tokyo, Japan.

After graduation, she worked in private practice in Japan and was a veterinary anesthesia technician at Massey University in New Zealand. Dr. Fujiyama also completed a companion animal rotating internship at Massey University. Before coming to the WCVM, she was a small animal clinician with Japan Veterinary Cardiovascular Medical Center in Japan.  

Academic Credentials

  • BVSc, Nippon Veterinary and Life Science, Tokyo, Japan