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John Gordon Associate Member, Department of Veterinary Microbiology

Academic Credentials

  • BSc (Advanced), University of Saskatchewan
  • PhD, University of Saskatchewan
  • Post-Doctoral, National Institutes for Medical Research, Mill Hill, UK
  • Post-Doctoral, Harvard Medical School, Boston

Research Interests

Dr. Gordon's research interests include immunology and immunopathology. Areas of special interest and research are tolerance induction in allergy/asthma, cytokines, regulation of immune responses, therapeutic amelioration of neutrophilic inflammation - each in human and veterinary species.

  • Allergic disease: We have assessed the potential for using autologous dendritic cells to tolerize allergic airway disease/asthma in an animal model of this disease. Our data suggest that transfer of allergen-pulsed tolerogenic dendritic cells into animals with severe allergic lung disease dramatically ameliorates airway hyperresponsiveness and down-regulates its immunologic correlates. We are dissecting the mechanisms responsible for these effects. (Supported by the Canadian Institutes for Medical Research)
  • Inflammation: We have recently developed a high affinity antagonist of multiple ELR-CXC chemokines, CXCL8(3-73)K11R/G31P, that blocks the in vitro inflammatory activities expressed in pneumonic pasteurellosis and mastitis lesions. It also ameliorates neutrophilic inflammatory responses to endotoxin challenge in vivo in cattle, pigs and guinea pigs, blocking their fever and hemorrhagic responses in tandem, and antagonizes the activity the ELR-CXC chemokines (e.g., CXL8/IL-8) on human neutrophils.

For more information about Dr. Gordon's research program, please visit his website.


Books, chapters and reviews:

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Research reports:

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