EquineED Talks: Biosecurity

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An equine education seminar hosted by the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM)

Building a defensive game plan for horse health:
What you can do to stop equine diseases at your gate

Dr. Brandy Burgess, DVM, MSc, PhD, DACVIM (LAIM), DACVPM
University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine

Interactive equine biosecurity seminar, followed by a reception with complimentary food and refreshments. 

About Dr. Burgess: 
Dr. Brandy Burgess is an assistant professor of epidemiology and infection control at the University of Georgia's College of Veterinary Medicine. She is also the director of infection control at the U of G Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Athens, Georgia. Dr. Burgess is a board-certified specialist in large animal internal medicine as well as in preventive medicine. In 2017, she was a fellow with the Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Initiative at John Hopkins Bloomburg School of Public Health. 

PLEASE NOTE: This free event is open to everyone but requires registration. Please click here to register by Wednesday, Feb. 6. 

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Event Details

04:00 PM - 06:30 PM CST
Terrace Room, Prairieland Park (during Saskatchewan Equine Expo)
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