Picture of  Samantha Ekanayake

Samantha Ekanayake Technician, Research and Graduate Studies, WCVM


Samantha Ekanayake provides technical support and training to clinical research in following areas: 

  • Molecular biology techniques - conventional and multiplex PCR, reverse transcription PCR, real-time qPCR (SYBR Green, TaqMan), molecular cloning, gene expression, gene target and primer design, phylogenetic tree design Sanger sequence data analysis
  • Diagnostic assay establishment and validation
  • Virological methods, work with fowl adenovirus and bacteriophage, cell culture techniques, cell signaling
  • Field research – sample and data collection, clinical procedures
  • Bacteriological methods
  • Parasitological identification and culture
  • Florescent in situ hybridization (FISH), RNAScope
  • Agarose gel electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, Western blot, ELISA
  • Histological techniques, immunohistochemistry, apoptosis assay
  • Bright field and fluorescence microscopy
  • Animal experimentation, necropsy procedures, rodent research
  • Nuclear imaging with PET-CT Scanner at Saskatchewan Centre for Cyclotron Sciences
  • Research communication, visual presentation

Academic Credentials

  • BVSc, University of Peradeniya — 1994
  • MPhil, University of Peradeniya — 2005
  • MSc, University of Saskatchewan — 2009


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