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Veterinarian, BC. Posted: June 2021

Clearwater, BC

 Wells Gray Country Vet Recruitment Coalition

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We are a group of ranch owners, animal lovers, and other folks who want to ensure that the animals of the Upper North Thompson Valley are healthy and well-cared for. Our mission is to recruit a veterinarian who will become part of our community and work with us to accomplish this goal.  

Job Description

"My practice area includes the Town of Clearwater, with a population of up to 2000, and then the satellite communities of Little Fort, Darfield, Birch Island, and Vavenby, with probably another 1000 people or more. There are a number of cattle producers, a lot of recreational horse owners, and many semi-rural owners of small agricultural stock, such as goats, pigs, llamas/alpacas, and sheep. There is a large population of companion animals, (dogs and cats), with the occasional rabbit, guinea pig, etc. There is a good standard of care with most owners keeping up on regular immunizations, parasite control, spaying/neutering and routine health care. I am somewhat limited in the service I provide as a mobile/house call practice, but I can do cat and dog neuters, lump removal surgery, and other minor surgical procedures, and traumatic wound repair/care for large and small animals. I provide basic medicine and diagnostics, with blood work, skin biopsies, etc; sent out to provincial or private labs. I have been providing pregnancy testing for horses and cows, and obstetrical support for all species, with only the small animals having to be referred if surgical intervention is required. I have been doing manual dental “floating” for horses, and again, referring them if they need greater intervention with power equipment, or surgical procedures. I provide first assessment/response for emergencies, and supportive care so that people can get their animal on to more intensive care facilities, such as the full service practices in Kamloops or One Hundred Mile House, a little over an hour away, for the things I cannot provide.

The Town of Clearwater has all essential services, has affordable housing, K to 12 school, and the additional benefit of a local ski hill and Dutch Lake, in the middle of town, with a summertime swimming beach. The whole area is excellent for recreational activities, being at the Gateway to Wells Gray Park, and opportunities abound for hiking, biking, back-country and cross country skiing, horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, etc. It is an excellent community for bringing up a family and for anyone that wishes a good mix of work and recreational time. I do not have a practice to sell, but I would be more than happy to forward on client files to ensure continuity of service to the people and animals in the area."

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