Mountain Vista Veterinary Hospital

Small Animal Veterinarian, ON Posted: June 2021

2823 7th Concession, Collingwood, ON L9Y 3Z1

Don’t let burn out get the best of you, work at Mountain Vista in Collingwood, ON instead!

What we DO have:

  • A large, educated support staff (quality medicine is a collaborative effort, after all)
  • In-house ultrasound that we utilize heavily (including IVUSS-certified sonographer willing to train)
  • Laparoscopic surgery for spays, cryptorchid neuters and gastropexy (we would love to facilitate your introduction to this if you haven’t been already!)
  • Endoscopy (we love non-invasive alternatives for our patients)
  • Dental suite with digital radiographs (no “dentals” performed here, all COHATs include full mouth radiographs)
  • Growing rehabilitation suite (indoor pool and underwater treadmill coming soon!)
  • A large CE budget for anyone who shows an interest (not learning is boring, right?)
  • Modern, beautiful facility inside and out (we want this to feel like your second home)

What we DON’T have:

  • A corporation controlling our every move (MVVH is owned by a Collingwood local)
  • On-call shifts (you need a life!)
  • Crazy over-time - average hours are 33-36 hours (again, you need a life)
  • Difficult clientele (our clients expect and want quality medicine and are very respectful)
  • YOU (you will have to respond to this ad to make this part happen…)
We are looking for a full time, small animal veterinarian. New grad? Great! Never used the aforementioned tools? We’ll train you! Let’s help you stay in love with veterinary medicine. Email Kristen Webb at  for more info.