Elm Creek Equine Veterinary Services

Veterinary Student for summer 2023. Posted November 2022

Box 177, Elm Creek, MB R0G 0N0

Summer Student Positions Available

Looking for a fast-paced, immersive summer job in equine veterinary practice?
Check out Elm Creek Equine Vet Services! We are a two-vet (and hiring) practice that services south central Manitoba. We see a huge variety of equine patients, and with that, a ton of different types of cases.
Our practice has a reputation for advanced reproductive services, and a growing reputation for advanced dentistry.

Things you can expect to see in the summer include:

  • All things to do with breeding mares! Mare cultures, cytologies, biopsies, lavages, infusions, inseminations, embryo transfers, pregnancy diagnoses, and foaling.
  • All things to do with foals! Foaling service, new-foal health exams, failure of passive transfer, plasma transfusions, and neonatal hospitalization.
  • All things to do with stallions! Phantom collection training, shipping fresh semen, freezing semen, breeding soundness examinations and diagnosing fertility issues in stallions.
  • All things to do with dentistry! Our practice does a lot of regular wellness care, which means lots of routine dental ex¬ams and floats. Are vets are well trained in oral exam principles and are passionate in teaching our students to diagnose and treat dental disease (more than just sharp points!). We do dental radiographs, treat periodontal disease, diastema-ta, and perform molar extractions and incisor extractions, including EOTRH extractions.
  • All things Standardbred racing! Manitoba has a small but thriving standardbred racing community, and Elm Creek Equine provides veterinary care for a large percentage of these horses. There may be an opportunities in Thoroughbred racing this summer—details of this are still pending.
  • Everything else that comes with rural equine practice! We see everything from sport horses for advanced lameness, geriatrics for medicine consultations, we provide acupuncture, chiropractic and other integrative services such as laser therapy. We have (or have access to) pretty much all the toys you could expect for primary equine practice: dental equipment, a digital radiography system, ultrasound, shockwave, Class IV Laser, 1.5m and 3m endoscopy (for upper airway, bladder, uterues, esophagus and stomach scopes!). We have a great semen analysis lab including one of the first in Canada DYNEVAL semen analyzers (as well as an iSPERM and MOFA Q2, Phase Contrast Microscope, etc).
  • We have a comprehensive medical record system and invite students to dig into it, learning how to keep great notes and records in a busy equine clinic.
  • Past student references are available! Accommodation not provided at the clinic but we will do our best to find you a spot to live. Our clinic is 40 minutes west of Winnipeg, 20 minutes north of Carman, or 35 minutes south of Portage.

We are very proud that all of our summer student graduates are currently in equine positions. We love equine practice and are doing our best to keep more graduates in the field! Interested? Awesome! Shoot Gillian (Dr. Dobson) a text at (204) 750-0737 with any questions (or if you’re just looking for more information) and then send your resume in to our office at info@elmcreekequine.com . We look forward to meeting you!