Culicoides species — biting midges or no-see-ums

Midges of the genus Culicoides occur around the world, including in Canada. Adult females must blood-feed on animals, producing painful bites prior to laying eggs.


Bot flies of the genus Gasterophilus infest horses around the world, including Canada.

Lice: Chewing: Werneckiella (Damalinia) equi; Sucking: Haematopinus asini

Horses around the world, including in Canada, are infested with sucking (Haematopinus asini) and/or chewing (Wernekiella (Damalinia) equi) lice.

Simulium species — black flies or buffalo gnats

Flies of the genus Simulium (blackflies or buffalo gnats) occur in almost all parts of the world, including Canada.

Stomoxys calcitrans — stable fly

The stable fly Stomoxys calcitrans occurs around the world. The life cycle involves egg laying in faeces or decaying and damp organic material, for example straw bedding.

Tabanids: Tabanus species - Horse Flies; Chrysops species – Deer Flies; Haematopota species - Clegs

The various genera and species of tabanids (horse flies, deer flies and clegs) occur around the world, including in Canada.