Chorioptes equi

The surface mite Chorioptes occurs on horses and other equids around the world.

Culicoides species — biting midges or no-see-ums

Midges of the genus Culicoides occur around the world, including in Canada. Adult females must blood-feed on animals, producing painful bites prior to laying eggs.

Dermacentor albipictus

Dermacentor albipictus (the winter tick or moose tick) is a large reddish-brown to gray-brown tick. In Canada, D. albipictus is found in all provinces and territories, appearing as...

Dermacentor andersoni -- horses

Dermacentor andersoni is a large reddish-brown to gray-brown tick. In Canada, it is found from central Saskatchewan and west through Alberta and into British Columbia.

Dermacentor variabilis: American dog tick

Dermacentor variabalis is a large reddish-brown to gray-brown tick. In Canada, D. variabilis is found from eastern Saskatchewan and east through to Nova Scotia, primarily in the so...

Eutrombicula species

Trombiculid mites are free-living but their larval stages can infest a range of mammals, birds and people, causing sometimes severe skin lesions characterised by intense pruritus.


Bot flies of the genus Gasterophilus infest horses around the world, including Canada.

Lice: Chewing: Werneckiella (Damalinia) equi; Sucking: Haematopinus asini

Horses around the world, including in Canada, are infested with sucking (Haematopinus asini) and/or chewing (Wernekiella (Damalinia) equi) lice.

Otobius megnini

The Argasid (soft) tick Otobius megnini, the spinose ear tick, infects cattle, sheep, dogs, horses and occasionally people in and North America, including Canada, as well as South ...

Simulium species — black flies or buffalo gnats

Flies of the genus Simulium (blackflies or buffalo gnats) occur in almost all parts of the world, including Canada.

Stomoxys calcitrans — stable fly

The stable fly Stomoxys calcitrans occurs around the world. The life cycle involves egg laying in faeces or decaying and damp organic material, for example straw bedding.

Tabanids: Tabanus species - Horse Flies; Chrysops species – Deer Flies; Haematopota species - Clegs

The various genera and species of tabanids (horse flies, deer flies and clegs) occur around the world, including in Canada.