Cheyletiella species

Dogs and cats each have their own species of the mite Cheyletiella, which appear to be host-specific — C. yasguri in dogs and C. blakei in cats.

Cuterebra species — rabbit bot

Adults of the dipteran (fly) genus Cuterebra are free-living. Larvae are found under the skin of various hosts, generally rodents but occasionally dogs and cats.

Demodex canis

Demodex mites are common in the hair follicles and sometimes sebaceous glands of the skin of dogs around the world.

Eutrombicula species

Trombiculid mites are free-living but their larval stages can infest a range of mammals, birds and people, causing sometimes severe skin lesions characterised by intense pruritus.

Mites: miscellaneous

A description of a few mites that are found occasionally on dogs and cats.

Otodectes cynotis

The ear mite Otodectes cynotis infects dogs and cats and several free-ranging carnivores around the world.

Sarcoptes species — sarcoptic mange or scabies

Adult mites of the genus Sarcoptes live in the stratum corneum of the skin of dogs.