Cheyletiella species

Dogs and cats each have their own species of the mite Cheyletiella, which appear to be host-specific — C. yasguri in dogs and C. blakei in cats.

Cuterebra species — rabbit bot

Adults of the dipteran (fly) genus Cuterebra are free-living. Larvae are found under the skin of various hosts, generally rodents but occasionally dogs and cats.

Demodex species — cats

Cats can be infested with three species of Demodex: D. cati, D. gatoi, and a third, as yet un-named species.

Eutrombicula species

Trombiculid mites are free-living but their larval stages can infest a range of mammals, birds and people, causing sometimes severe skin lesions characterised by intense pruritus.

Mites: miscellaneous

A description of a few mites that are found occasionally on dogs and cats.

Notoedres cati

Mites of the burrowing mite genus Notoedres infest domestic cats and free-ranging felids, and rarely domestic dogs and free-ranging canids, around the world.

Otodectes cynotis

The ear mite Otodectes cynotis infects dogs and cats and several free-ranging carnivores around the world.