Welcome to WCVM Learn About Parasites, a web-based learning resource developed by Lydden Polley, Emily Jenkins, Brent Wagner and many others for veterinary students and others who are interested in veterinary parasitology in Canada.

The original website was launched for second-year veterinary students in 2006.

We continue to update the text in the website to incorporate important new advances in veterinary parasitology

We hope you find WCVM Learn About Parasites helpful, informative, easy to use, and an enjoyable experience.

How to use

WCVM Learn About Parasites contains information on helminth, arthropod and protozoan parasites of dogs, cats, cattle, sheep, horses, pigs and on parasitic zoonoses.

The information is intended primarily for veterinary students, but we hope that it will also be useful to practising veterinarians and others.

For each parasite, we present material on the following:

  • taxonomy
  • morphology
  • host range and geographic distribution
  • life cycle
  • epidemiology
  • pathology and clinical signs
  • diagnosis
  • treatment and control
  • public health significance

Information on parasite morphology includes several images illustrating key features, particularly those used in identification. For most parasites there is also a life cycle diagram.

wcvmlearnaboutparasites is accessed using the drop down menu at the top of the homepage. Parasites are listed alphabetically under each host.

Information about the parasite is accessed by clicking on the parasite name.  Relavent pictures and life cycle diagrams are incorporated into the text.