Animal Welfare Fund

Created in 2015, the Animal Welfare Fund’s mandate is to enhance the knowledge and awareness of animal welfare among the WCVM community as well as the general public. Its focus includes food animals as well as horses and pets. The fund’s activities will help to focus more attention on critical issues in animal welfare and contribute potential solutions through research.

Cecil E. Doige Fund

This fund was created through a large number of donations in memory of Dr. Cecil Earl Doige, a long-time faculty member of the WCVM. The fund's primary goal is to support one to two travel grants that are awarded annually to eligible graduate students. WCVM graduate students who are registered in a full-time program of study are eligible for this award.

Companion Animal Health Fund

The Companion Animal Health Fund supports specialized veterinary training, innovative research and the introduction of new technology at the WCVM. Each year, the fund provides members of WCVM's faculty and graduate students with funding to support a range of companion animal health research studies. As well, the fund contributes to the specialized training of graduate students through its annual research fellowship program.

Another major goal for the CAHF is to help purchase vital equipment and new technologies at the WCVM's Veterinary Medical Centre.

Research Trust Fund

Established in 1996, the WCVM Research Trust Fund assists the veterinary college to meet its mandate in post-graduate training and research. The fund supports research activities in areas where established funding isn't available, and it also assists in providing long-term research funding stability at the WCVM — complementing other sources of research funds available through the veterinary college. 

The WCVM Research Trust Fund supports: 

  • grants in aid, equipment grants, salary for investigators engaged in scientific research, and research scholarships for graduate students and veterinary students

  • dissemination of research findings at the WCVM through publications, lectures, conferences and other means of communication
  • delivery and hosting of lectures, seminars and conferences for the purpose of fostering research activity in veterinary medicine

Townsend Equine Health Research Fund

The Townsend Equine Health Research Fund (TEHRF) has had a tremendous influence on the quality of horse health care that's available in Western Canada and around the world. The research fund has also played a major role in making the WCVM a national centre for horse health research and specialized training. 

With grassroots support from Western Canada's horse industry, the fund annually invests in equine health research projects, research support for graduate students and a summer research program for undergraduate veterinary students.

Wildlife Health Research Fund

The Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) created the Wildlife Health Research Fund in 1981 to encourage and support applied research and training in health and disease of free-ranging wildife. The expertise and knowledge gained through the fund is applied to wildlife conservation and management, public health and food safety in Western Canada and elsewhere.


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