Veterinary medicine library

The Veterinary Medicine Library closed permanently on June 1, 2020.

IT services

Members of the Information Technologies (IT) team work closely with WCVM faculty, staff, students and departments to provide services and leadership that support and enable teaching, learning, research and administrative service delivery through the effective use of information and communications technology.

The ITS team provides a wide range of services and support in the following areas:

  • Teaching and research technologies
  • Systems for administration and planning
  • Student computing services
  • Applications and databases
  • Networks and communications

IT team members


AV services

Audio visual (AV) services offer a range of audio visual services to WCVM faculty, staff and students.

Equipment Bookings
  • Supplies a full service inventory of multimedia equipment to WCVM faculty and students for educational purposes at the U of S. The list of multimedia equipment that's available for booking includes:
    • Video/data projectors
    • Laptop computers
    • Multimedia cart-c/w data projector, computer, powered speaker, VCR, wireless PowerPoint remote and cables
    • Olympus BX 41 microscope, Sony 930 camera or the DP25 Olympus microscope camera/software and computer
    • VHS/DVD player/recorder, VHS/DVD monitor combo, Blu-ray disc and HD DVD player, colour monitor, Sony mini DV and Camcorder portable digital audio recorder
    • Wired microphone with stand, wireless microphone, audio mixer, powered speakers, microphone w/stands, press feed box, screens and turning point clickers/receiver
Event Support
  • Co-ordinates equipment requests, requirements and technical support for WCVM-associated conferences, press conferences, guests, public informational presentations and special events.
Video and Web Conferencing Support
  • Manages video conferencing requests for provincial, national and international links
  • Manages web conferencing for distance education courses via Elluminate
  • Recommends applications and equipment for developing media infrastructure and emerging technologies for teaching spaces and research environments.
  • Planning and executing installations of departmental equipment requests and recommendations that co-operate with the academic needs and administrative priorities.
Technical support
  • Provides support in troubleshooting audio visual equipment at the WCVM.
  • Supplies general maintenance, repairs, software installs and upgrades to: multimedia theatre consoles, projection booths in WCVM's lecture theatres (Rooms 2104, 2105, 2115 and 2302), tutorial rooms (Rooms 2102, 2103, 2585 and 2587) and to multimedia carts.
Orientations and training
  • Schedules group or individual sessions in the use of:
    • multimedia consoles in theatres and tutorial rooms and multimedia carts
    • software operations of SMART board technologies
    • Turning Technologies and podcasting

For more information, please contact:

Information and Communications Technology (ICT), USask
306-966-2469 |