The goals of the Department of Veterinary Microbiology are to sustain and further develop internationally recognized collaborative research programs that address infectious disease problems at the animal, human and environment interface and to deliver training programs in veterinary medicine at undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels that address societal demands and expectations.

Strong areas of research by departmental faculty include: disease ecology, influence of climate change on infectious diseases, investigation of disease at the interface of people, domestic animals, wildlife and the environment, emerging infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, companion animal zoonoses, microbiomes in health and disease, molecular diagnostics, vaccine development and efficacy, and viral exploitation of host pathways. The Department maintains a successful graduate training program in these areas and views the diversity of our faculty as a strength and opportunity for synergy.

The Department of Veterinary Microbiology, located in one of North America’s leading Veterinary Colleges, has close ties with other centres of research excellence at the University of Saskatchewan such as the Vaccine and Infectious Diseases Organization-International Vaccine Centre (VIDO-InterVac).


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Our People


Faculty in the Department of Veterinary Microbiology are involved in a wide range of research investigations of the roles of microbes in health and disease of individuals and populations. Areas of specialization include bacteriology, virology, parasitology, immunology, vaccinology, epidemiology and diagnostics.

Graduate Programs

Graduate Degree programs offered by the Department of Veterinary Microbiology:
  • Master of Science (MSc)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Applications are processed through the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (CGPS)

The Graduate Courses button below will take you to a page where the 800-999 descriptions represent graduate degree level courses.

For further information about Veterinary Microbiology Graduate programs, please contact:

Linda Nemeth
Graduate Programs Coordinator
Department of Veterinary Microbiology, WCVM

Tel: 306-966-7210

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Veterinary Microbiology provides undergraduate summer research programs for both DVM and non-DVM undergraduates, through the WCVM Undergraduate Summer Research Assistantship program, and through similar programs available at the University of Saskatchewan.  Please contact individual faculty members for information on these programs.

Veterinary Microbiology also provides required courses for the WCVM's Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program (200-400 level courses). 

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