Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Research Area(s)

  • Use of the bovine model of maternal reproductive aging for the study of ovarian function in humans

Academic Credentials

  • BVSc and AH (1983, Punjab Agril. University of India)
  • MVSc (1986, Punjab Agril. University of India)
  • PhD (1997, University of Saskatchewan, Canada)

Dr. Singh's teaching expertise is in the area of microscopic anatomy and reproductive science with special interest in ovarian follicle and oocyte development, and early embryonic development.

He has taught microscopic and gross anatomy to first-year veterinary students at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) since 1999. His graduate teaching includes physiology and endocrinology of reproduction in mammals, techniques in reproduction, and ultrastructural cytology.

During his academic career, Dr. Singh has co-directed 13 continuing education reproductive ultrasonography and embryo transfer training workshops. He has supervised or co-supervised 21 master's students and 10 PhD students as well as more than 50 undergraduate students. He has also hosted three postdoctoral fellows and 19 faculty members from around the world.

Research Interests

Dr Singh’s research program is focused on factors that influence an oocyte’s ability to develop into an embryo during first seven days of life (i.e., oocyte competence). Over the past decade, his research team has established and validated the bovine model of maternal reproductive aging for the study of ovarian function in humans.

His current and past research has been directed toward studying the ultrasonographic, morphologic and biochemical kinetics, and endocrine control of ovarian follicles. He focuses on investigating the developmental competence of oocytes contained in these follicles for refining controlled breeding programs (e.g. fixed-time artificial insemination and superovulation procedures) to improve reproductive efficiency in beef cattle and to help with assisted reproduction in humans.

Dr. Singh's particular interest is direct in vivo imaging of cumulus oocyte complexes using ultrasound biomicroscopy, echotexture analysis, and three-dimensional (3D) visualization of cellular organelles in oocytes. His research group recently patented the use of GnRH antagonists to synchronize follicle wave emergence in mammals.

His research program has been funded by Discovery Grants from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) for the past 21 years, along with financial support from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), Canadian Light Source, EmbryoGENE Network, Prostate Canada, Sylvia Fedoruk Centre for Nuclear Innovation, Saskatchewan Agriculture Development Fund, Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association and the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation.

Dr. Singh has published more than 135 original research articles or review papers in scientific journals. He has published 200 abstracts and presented more than 40 invited talks.

His current research projects extend from the study of the basic molecular, cellular and endocrine control of ovarian follicles (neuroendocrine control pathways in the bovine hypothalamus, follicle development and oocyte competence during pre- and peripubertal period) to field experiments for optimizing reproductive efficiency and health in cattle (e.g., seven-day FSH protocol for superovulation; effect of low-levels of ergot alkaloid in animal feed on reproductive performance of beef cows and breeding bulls, use of GnRH antagonists for fixed-time artificial insemination) and to the development of domestic animal models for the study of human disorders (canine models of benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer in men, and endometriosis in women).

Dr. Singh's research group maintains the oocyte competence laboratory and the molecular and live-cell imaging facility at the WCVM.

University Governance and Professional Service

Research Mentor, Office of the Vice President, Research (2023-26)

Chair, Biomedical Engineering Division (2021 – present)

University Council Member (2019-25)

Planning and Priorities Committee of the University Council (2021-24)

Nominations Committee of the University Council (2020-25)

University of Saskatchewan Faith Leaders Council (2019-present)

University Promotions Appeal Committee (2022-25)

Member of the NSERC Discovery Grant Evaluation Group 1502 (2019-23)

Publications (2018-2023)

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