Picture of Vanessa Cowan

Vanessa Cowan BSc, PhD, DVM Assistant Professor Veterinary Biomedical Sciences

For non urgent consultations please email vanessa.cowan@usask.ca. For urgent consultations call 306-966-7382

Research Area(s)

  • Mycotoxin exposure in livestock, epidemiology of common veterinary toxicoses (lead poisoning in cattle, strychnine poisoning in dogs)

Academic Credentials

BSc (Honours) in Toxicology (Usask ’14), PhD in Toxicology (USask ’20), DVM (WCVM ’23)

Research Interests

Cyanobacterial toxins, ionophore toxicity in horses, falling disease in cattle, IVLE in small animal toxicoses, mycotoxins


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Chohan, M., Munro, B., Cowan V, Anzar, M., Blakley, B., McKinnon, J., Kastelic, J., Rivera-Acuña, F., and Singh, J. (2021). Feeding yearling Angus bulls low-level ergot daily for 9 weeks decreased serum prolactin concentrations and had subtle effects on sperm endpoints. Theriogenology 161, 187-199.

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