Western College of Veterinary Medicine


  • PhD Candidate
  • Supervisor: Dr. Matheus Costa, Large Animal Clinical Sciences
  • Home Community: Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Academic Credentials

  • DVM, University of Passo Fundo
  • MSc, University of São Paulo

Bio Summary

Arthur Nery Finatto holds his bachelor's degree in veterinary medicine at the University of Passo Fundo, Brazil. During his bachelor's studies, he also did research in genetics and animal breeding. The main focus of his scientific research was on complex reproductive disorders in pigs.

In the last year of his bachelor's degree, Arthur studied at Linköping University in Sweden where he investigated the impact of environmental exposures on animals’ epigenome using a novel epigenetic/ genetic approach. After this experience, Arthur completed his Master of Science degree at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. His research was focused on how the welfare of female pigs can shape their resilience in dealing with a health challenge — modulating their gene expression.

At the University of Saskatchewan, Arthur is investigating how to improve pig welfare and sustainable pork production through the understanding of physiological mechanisms involved in the host-pathogen-microbiota interactions and antimicrobial alternatives to which antibiotic treatment is the producer’s only option (such as swine dysentery).