Picture of  Hannah  Burlet

Hannah Burlet Graduate Student, Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences


  • MSc candidate
  • Supervisor: Dr. Matheus Costa, Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences, WCVM
  • Home community: Calgary, Alta. 

Academic Credentials

  • BSc, University of Saskatchewan College of Agriculture and Bioresources

Bio Summary

Hannah Burlet is from Calgary, Alta. After graduating from high school, Hannah moved to Saskatoon to attend the University of Saskatchewan (USask) and pursue a Bachelor of Science (Animal Bioscience) degree at the USask College of Agriculture and Bioresources.

During her undergraduate program, Hannah participated in research at the WCVM with Dr. Costa. While her undergraduate research focused on swine dysentery, her master's project revolves around sow nutrition and piglet health.

Research Area(s)

In swine production, piglet health is of utmost importance and prevention of disease is at the forefront of concern. Hannah’s research focuses on preventing microbial infections in piglets through dietary supplementation of piglets and sows during gestation.
The project's overall aim is to verify what levels of dietary vitamins best support the passage of maternal immunity during gestation and nursing, and to integrate those findings into swine production.