Western College of Veterinary Medicine


Program: Postdoctoral Fellow
Supervisor: Dr. Yolande Seddon, Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Home community: Ireland

Academic Credentials

  • BA Science (Zoology), Trinity College Dublin — 2016
  • MSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare, Queen’s University Belfast — 2018
  • PhD Swine Behaviour and Welfare, Teagasc and Institute of Genetics and Animal Biotechnology, Polish Academy of Sciences — 2023

Research Area(s)

Dr. Martyna Lagoda holds a BA degree in science (zoology), an MSc degree in animal behaviour and welfare, and a PhD degree in sow welfare that she completed at Teagasc, Ireland.

In 2022, in collaboration with the Institute of Genetics and Animal Biotechnology, Poland, Dr. Lagoda worked as a research technologist on the “Tail Bite Advice” project in Teagasc, Ireland. The project's aim is to develop algorithms to accurately monitor tail biting behaviour and to create a data-driven PLF decision support tool that will actively advise farmers on how to reduce tail-biting occurrences.

As a zoologist, Dr. Lagoda is interested in welfare as a broader concept as well as in a range of species. One of her main research interests includes using behaviour to gain insights into welfare states, as well as developing housing environments that promote species specific behaviours.

As a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Lagoda will continue to work toward improving the welfare of swine.