Picture of Gary A. Wobeser

Gary A. Wobeser Professor Emeritus, Department of Veterinary Pathology

Academic Credentials

  • BSA
  • MSc
  • DVM
  • PhD, Wildlife Diseases

Research Interests

  • Dr. Wobeser's interests involve environmental contaminants related to pathology and toxicology in wildlife.


  • Embury-Hyatt CK, Wobeser G, Simko E, Woodbury MR. August 2005. "Investigation of a syndrome of sudden death, splenomegaly, and small intestinal hemorrhage in farmed deer." Canadian Veterinary Journal. 46: 702-708.
  • Soos C, Wobeser G. 2006. "Identification of primary substrate in the initiation of avian botulism outbreaks." The Journal of Wildlife Management.70(1): 43-53.
  • Lutze-Wallace C, Turcotte C, Stevenson DA, Elkin B, Koller-Jones M, Nishi J, Wobeser G. April 2006. "Isolation of Mycobacterium bovis from a wood bison in a wildlife conservation project in the Northwest Territories." Canadian Veterinary Journal (Cross-Canada Disease Report - Northwest Territories). 47: 317-318.