Picture of Ruwini Dharmasiri Gamage

Ruwini Dharmasiri Gamage Graduate Student, Department of Veterinary Microbiology


  • PhD candidate
  • Supervisor:  Dr. Joseph Rubin, Veterinary Microbiology
  • Home city and country:  Kandy, Sri Lanka

Academic Credentials

  • MSc, Animal Science
  • BVSc, Veterinary Science

Research Interests

At present there is no standardized methods for conducting or interpreting antimicrobial susceptibility tests on Brachyspira.  Therefore, the main obejctive of this study is to develop, standardize and implement antimicrobial susceptibility testing methods for Brachyspira spp. to improve the ability of the Canadian swine industry to combat Brachyspira-associated disease by providing evidence-based treatment recommendations.