Picture of Camila Queiroz

Camila Queiroz Adjunct Professor, Department of Veterinary Microbiology


Dr. Camila Queiroz is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Brazil, where she completed a Masters in Medical Sciences (2012) before joining the Inspection Agency of Fortaleza as a Food Safety Veterinarian.  In this position, she was responsible for making sure places that handle, transport, produce and sell food of animal origin were in compliance with the regulation. She moved to Canada in 2016 to pursue a PhD in Veterinary Medicine at University of Calgary, being awarded an Alberta Innovates Technology Future scholarship. Her PhD project focused on Anthelmintic resistance in sheep gastrointestinal parasites, applying DNA sequencing and molecular epidemiology approaches. After graduating, she worked as a Post doctoral fellow at University of Calgary under the Post doctoral scholar program from Saint George’s University, collaborating in multiple projects involving molecular diagnosis in parasitology. She is passionate about Public Health, Zoonosis, Parasitology and Food safety. She is currently a Research Scientist at the Center for Foodborne and Animal Parasitology of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, in Saskatoon, where she leads research projects on parasites of animal health and food safety relevance.

Research Interests

  • Food-borne and zoonotic diseases caused by parasites
  • Parasites of animal health relevance
  • Molecular diagnostics and molecular epidemiology