Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Academic Credentials

  • DVM, Justus Liebig University, Germany
  • Dr. med. vet., Freie University, Germany
  • MSc, Ontario Veterinary College
  • PhD Ontario Veterinary College

Research Interests

Dr. Tabel's area of interest is immunology, with special interest in the immunobiology of infections by African trypanosomes. His research has been concerned with the role of NKT cells, regulatory T cells and other regulatory cells in immunity to infections by the hemoprotozoa Trypanosoma congolenseand T. brucei and how regulatory cells and cytokines affect the immunosuppression and immunopathogenesis developing during the infections.

Recent investigations in Dr. Tabel's lab have shown that small amounts of killed (sonicated) trypanosomes injected intradermally enhance susceptibility to intradermal challenge by trypanosomes (Wei et al. 2011). The most important questions to be answered are the following: Is there a way to prevent the induction of immunosuppression during intradermal injection of killed parasites? Thus, can one develop a successful strategy for producing a vaccine?


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