Image Analysis Software


  • AutoQuant for deconvolution and quantitative image analyses 
  • Imaris for 3D rendering and quantitative image analyses 
  • cellSens for deconvolution, automated high-content analyses and quantitative image analyses 
  • ImageJ/Fiji software for various image analyses 


Booking use of the Olympus analysis computer

To ensure the availability of the Olympus analysis computer, please book the time that you are intending to use the equipment in advance.

To view the microscope's availability, please visit the multi-user calendar. Please note: you must be a University of Saskatchewan PAWS user with a valid NSID and you must be logged in to PAWS before you can book times on the following calendar.

To book equipment: please click on the selected date and select the "Add+" symbol in the bottom corner of the date box to open the calendar submission form. Please fill in all of the form's fields. Remember to include your name and telephone number as well as your start time and end time in the form's title box. 

To cancel your equipment booking: please click on the event to open an "Edit" window. Click "Delete" on the form. 

For more information about arranging use of the above equipment, please contact the WCVM Imaging Centre.