Picture of Hitachi HT7700 Transmission Electron Microscope

Hitachi HT7700 Transmission Electron Microscope

High contrast/high resolution digital transmission electron microscope (TEM)


Hitachi HT7700 TEM.

The Hitachi HT7700 is a high contrast/high resolution digital transmission electron microscope (TEM). TEMs are able to image at a significantly higher resolution than a traditional light microscope.

This ability allows the user to examine very fine detail in their specimens (Ultrastructure). A user can clearly visualize characteristics of their specimens which are thousands of times smaller than the smallest resolvable object on a light microscope.

Transmission electron microscopy is an invaluable research tool for analysis in many scientific fields, both physical and biological. Our facility also offers sample preparation services. 

Features and specifications

  • Resolution: 0.2nm lattice 
  • Accelerating Voltage: 40-120kV, 100V increments 
  • Low magnification: 50x-1,000x 
  • Zoom: 200x-600,000x 
  • Image Rotation: +/-90 degrees in 15 degree steps 
  • High resolution CCD camera for crisp imagery 
  • Turbo-pump vacuum system for quick columns pump down 
  • Auto-brightness and auto-focus  
  • Low magnification/wide field of view 
  • High resolution/High Magnification to 600K 
  • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy using the Bruker XFlash6T160 Detector 

Image examples

mouse uterus

Ultrathin section of mouse uterus tissue.
Image: Dr. Daniel MacPhee, WCVM.


Granulosa cells (bovine)
Image: Dr. Muhammad Anzar, AAFC/WCVM.


Ultrathin section of the prostate glandular cells immunogold
labelled for secretory protein. 
Image: Dr. Jaswant Singh, WCVM. 


Image: Mahesh Gangishetty, Dr. Rob Scott, Dr. Tim Kelly,
USask Dept. of Chemistry.