Picture of Visual Sonic Vevo3100

Visual Sonic Vevo3100

Ultrasound Imaging System



Vevo 3100 provides high-frequency and high-resolution ultrasound designed for various imaging applications. 

Vevo imaging station maintains optimal physiological status for small animals and monitors physiological conditions such as heart rate and core temperature for standardized image acquisition. 

Features and specifications

  • Ultrasound imaging to 30 µm resolution (various MX Transducers available) 
  • In vivo  
  • Needle-guided injection  
  • Hands-free scanning 
  • Maintains optimal physiological conditions 
  • Monitors physiological conditions (ECG, heat rate, core temperature, respiration and blood pressure) 
  • Offline, post-imaging analysis 

Imaging Modes Available 

  • B-mode 
  • M-mode 
  • Pulsed-Wave Doppler mode 
  • Tissue Doppler mode 
  • Colour Doppler mode  


  • Cardiovascular imaging 
  • Reproduction 
  • Tumour imaging 
  • Abdominal or thoracic organ imaging 
  • Musculoskeletal 
  • Fetal imaging 

Image examples

zebra heart
Adult zebra fish heart. Courtesy of Dr. Lynn Weber, WCVM.


Rat left ventricle apex — tissue Doppler. Courtesy of Dr. Lynn Weber, WCVM.