Picture of Confocal laser scanning microscopes

Confocal laser scanning microscopes

Zeiss 710, equipped with a two-photon imaging system

Features and specifications

Zeiss LSM 710
  • Equipped with a Coherent Chameleon two-photon system with a tuning range of 705-980 nm, suitable for deep tissue imaging (out of service until further notice) 
  • A selection of excitation lasers for conventional confocal imaging (458, 488, 514, 543, and 633 nm excitation lasers) 
  • Spectral imaging and linier unmixing of overlapping signals 
  • A humidified environmental chamber with five per cent CO2 supply and temperature control for live cell imaging 

Image examples

oil in water
Oil-in-water emulsion labelled for lipid droplets (green) and proteins (red). 
Courtesy of Cathy Coutu, Dr. Thushan Withana-Gamage and Dr. Janitha Wanasundara (AAFC).


Fungus (red) penetrating root epidermis (green), three-dimensional rendering with Imaris. 
Courtesy of Cathy Coutu and Dr. Gary Peng (AAFC). PLOSONE (2014) vol9, issue 4: e94144.