Lab techniques

We can help you with the following techniques:

  • Cloning DNA fragments into a wide variety of plasmid and some viral vectors
  • Introduction and expression of DNA in mammalian and bacterial cells
  • Bioinformatics, including analysis of DNA sequence data and phylogenetics
  • Analysis of proteins by SDS-PAGE and immunoblots, ELISA
  • Quantitation of nucleic acids by real-time PCR
  • Culture, isolation and characterization of bacteria and viruses
  • Tissue culture
  • Design and application of novel and established molecular diagnostic methods for detection, identification and quantification of microorganisms.
  • DNA sequencing

Lab equipment



Dr. Janet Hill, Professor and Head
Department of Veterinary Microbiology
Tel: 306-966-7242

Champika Fernando
WCVM Molecular Microbiology Lab Co-ordinator 
Tel: 306-966-7228