WCVM's approach

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, universities are taking different approaches to issuing final grades for courses completed in the Winter 2020 term. The WCVM admissions committee has met to review the best options to ensure fairness across the WCVM applicant pool.

Key questions

Q. My university is allowing students to change numeric/letter grades to pass/fail grades. Will the WCVM accept pass/fail grades? 

Yes, the WCVM will accept pass/fail grades because of this exceptional circumstance.

However, the WCVM will not consider a combination of numeric/letter grades and pass grades for the January-April 2020 term. Students who choose to change one or more course grade(s) to a “pass” grade will have all courses for the January-April 2020 term considered as “pass."

As a result, the current term will not affect the student’s overall average (even if grades are displayed for remaining courses).

Q. How will the WCVM determine a student's best full year average? 

If a student opts to change one or more course grade(s) to a “pass” in the January-April 2020 term, the WCVM will calculate the 2019-20 academic average from grades obtained during the September-December 2019 academic term.

This approach is assuming that the student's current year meets the full year definition (minimum of 24 credits or eight one-term courses completed in the September 2019-April 2020 academic year). 

Additional information

The following deadlines are for Fall 2020 applicants only. Future applicants (Fall 2021 entry or later) may submit similar information at the time of future application.

  • Students who receive pass grades beyond their choice (for example, decided by professor or institution) will be permitted to use remaining numeric/letter grades from the current term. However, it is the student’s responsibility to inform the WCVM Admissions Office of these courses by May 15, 2020, as verification will be required from the professor/institution.

  • Students who are completing courses for credit/pass in the January-April 2020 term (regardless of COVID-19 grading provisions) must ensure to clearly identify these grades to the WCVM Admissions Office by May 15, 2020, to ensure the term is recognized appropriately.

  • Students who receive a “fail” or a grade below 50 per cent in any course may provide the WCVM Admissions Office with a written explanation of circumstances by May 15, 2020. The WCVM Admissions Office will consider these circumstances on an individual basis to determine whether the failed grade is included in both the overall and current year’s averages.