Western College of Veterinary Medicine

The WCVM's two-storey research wing provides the research community with 1,468 square metres of new research space that meets Level 2 containment specifications. The research wing's focal points are two open-plan laboratory areas that are designed for multiple users and a variety of functions. Alongside the laboratory areas are six cell culture-manipulation rooms — equipped with incubators and biosafety cabinets.

Other resources include two equipment rooms for larger pieces of technology and a cold room. The research wing also provides office space for 12 faculty members or visiting researchers, as well as carrel space for 23 graduate students. One of the research wing's most attractive features is a glass-fronted gathering space that connects the new facility to the college's front entrance.

Molecular microbiology laboratory

The WCVM's molecular microbiology laboratory is located on the first floor of the college's research wing. This laboratory offers a range of techniques and specialized equipment to WCVM and University of Saskatchewan researchers. Click on the button below to view the list of equipment available for use.

Contact information

Dr. Janet Hill, Professor and Head
Department of Veterinary Microbiology
Tel: 306-966-7242

Champika Fernando
WCVM Molecular Microbiology Lab Co-ordinator 
Tel: 306-966-7228

Westgen Research Suite

The Westgen Research Suite is located on the second floor of the college's research wing.

Contact information

Dr. Lynn Weber
Department of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
Tel: 306-966-8734