Lab 6 Introduction

Felines Laparotomy and Ovariohysterectomy

An exploratory laparotomy should be performed whenever you are going into a patient that is not normal. A thorough understanding of normal anatomy is required so you can recognize abnormalities and correct the condition.

An ovariohysterectomy is one of most common surgeries veterinarians perform. It emphasizes a number of basic surgical skills that can be refined through repetition.

exploratory laparotomy

    • commonly used to determine and correct causes of abdominal problems
    • want to develop an efficient method of thoroughly exploring the abdomen while minimizing trauma to the tissues


    • one of most common surgeries veterinarians perform
    • emphasizes a number of basic surgical skills
      • aseptic technique
      • cutting tissues
      • blunt dissection
      • atraumatic tissue handling and manipulation
      • vessel and pedicle isolation and ligation
      • secure knot formation
      • suturing tissue layers
      • efficiency
    • these can be refined through repetition

Left Trough with Ovary


When the lab is completed, you should be able to:

  1. Perform a ventral midline celiotomy
  1. make a controlled skin incision
  2. identify the linea alba by blunt or sharp dissection of the subcutaneous tissue
  3. enter the abdomen through the linea alba
  1. Perform a thorough systematic exploratory laparotomy
  2. Perform an ovariohysterectomy (spay)
  3. Close the incision in 3 layers
  1. the linea alba
  2. subcutaneous tissue
  3. skin